“Technical skills are important, but without employability skills,
technical skills are merely commodities. Employability skills
turn intellectual commodities into intellectual capital.”
– Peter Saflund

Information Technology Workforce Skills Study,
Broadening Advanced Technological Education Connections

project deliverables

Integrated project template outlining content sections

A total of 12 integrated projects (6 per sector) providing complete, classroom-ready materials focused on one of six employability skill categories.

Collaboration infrastructure to facilitate work within sector working groups and among development teams.

Faculty implementation guides providing an overview of projects in each sector and suggestions for implementation, modification, and extension.

Faculty development workshops designed to teach instructors from any technical discipline a process for: identifying intersections of technical and employability content within a program of study, partnering with employers to develop an authentic industry scenario, and designing an effective integrated project

Project website for pilot site recruitment, dissemination of integrated projects including mobile versions, and promotion of faculty workshops.

Each development team will create one integrated project so that six projects will be created per sector.