“Technical skills are important, but without employability skills,
technical skills are merely commodities. Employability skills
turn intellectual commodities into intellectual capital.”
– Peter Saflund

Information Technology Workforce Skills Study,
Broadening Advanced Technological Education Connections

advisory board

Norma A. Alvarado

Director, Center for Applied Competitive Technologies (CACT)
North Orange County Community College District/School of Continuing Education

Gary Deckerd

Security Analysis, MSS Operation
Dell Secure Works

Robin Halliday

Technology Alliance Group

Donald McCoy

Global Workforce Diversity Program Manager (retired)
IBM Corporation
STEM Education Consultant

Annette Parker

South Central College

Mike Russo

Senior Manager
U.S. Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs
Global Foundries

Clydene Stangvik

CSR Manager, Midwest Techworkers, Cisco
Cisco Networking Academy