“Technical skills are important, but without employability skills,
technical skills are merely commodities. Employability skills
turn intellectual commodities into intellectual capital.”
– Peter Saflund

Information Technology Workforce Skills Study,
Broadening Advanced Technological Education Connections

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Project 3: Security Awareness Campaign

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  • 1_Overview_SecurityAwarenessCampaign.docx
  • 1_Overview_SecurityAwarenessCampaign.pdf
  • 2_TeacherSummary_SecurityAwarenessCampaign.docx
  • 2_TeacherSummary_SecurityAwarenessCampaign.pdf
  • 3_Student_SecurityAwarenessCampaign.docx
  • 3_Student_SecurityAwarenessCampaign.pdf
  • 4_Rubric_SecurityAwarenessCampaign.docx
  • 4_Rubric_SecurityAwarenessCampaign.pdf


The Employability Skills Resource Toolkit is available for download as a supplement to support employability skills instruction.